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We make sure that you can find exactly what you dream of and make an unforgettable gift for your friends and family! To this end, we are constantly updating our range and strive to find jewelry to suit all tastes. Elegant, classical silver jewelry decorated with pearls and other inlays; bright, youthful models with cubic zirconia, jewelry glass, as well as diamond facets or enamel; strong men’s ornaments and funny, expressive children’s – here everyone can choose something for themselves.

The silver jewelry shop offers a wide range of silver jewelry in precious and semi-precious stones and metals. Silver is a noble metal, thanks to its softness and malleability, and has been a staple in making beautiful jewelry in a variety of shapes and sizes for thousands of years. The metal is also widely used for interior decoration and cutlery.

For the production of our silver jewelry, we use only the purest metals and metal alloys, whose quality we are absolutely certain of. We guarantee with a clear conscience the high quality of the product, which is based only on pure material free of any foreign impurities, which gives high quality and deserves the trust of our customers.

The creation of the brand’s silver jewelry is inspired by sincere emotions, happy smiles and fond memories hidden in your heart. A unique vision of beauty and craftsmanship combine in silver jewelry that will save the most precious moments of your life.

We use only the purest ingredients with a high degree of refinement and silver in the creation of our products. This ensures that you receive the purest sterling silver 925.

Our experience in jewelry is more than XX years

Lili Silver Jewelry

  • Unique range - Design & Manufacture our own silver jewelry.
  • Quality Control - We assure you that every piece is quality controlled! Every item is checked by a specialist before it is dispatched.
  • Prompt Delivery - Convenient and fast hand delivery.
  • Quick shipping in the USA - We will deliver your orders quickly in the USA.

Our Priorities

We are sure that the process of choosing silver jewelry will not only be enjoyable for you but also positively emotional.

Quality Comes First

You get 100% quality products from us! However, if you have any reason to change or modify a piece of silver jewelry you have bought - we will be glad to select a new piece of jewelry or improve an already purchased piece of jewelry. Our aim is for you to feel that you are in a safe shopping place and we are always glad to help you to enjoy your shopping experience.

Buy Safely

Sterling silver jewelry is the finest silverware which will emphasize your perfect taste.
Lili Silver makes it possible. So now you can own a piece of silver jewelry in the comfort of your own home. We're sure you'll be enchanted by every piece of our exclusive silver jewelry with natural minerals in silver and you'll be delighted with your purchase!

Made With Love

Each piece of silver jewelry you see has been created by hand from nothing, from thoughtform-idea to mass-produced model. So whichever design you choose, rest assured that all the jewelry has been created by master jewelers and is filled with care for our customers. We strive to provide the best quality in the silver jewelry market.

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